Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Learn Online Computer-Guided 3D Implant Surgery with Hands-on and Live Surgery Perform at your Clinic

Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Agravat Digital Dental Academy offers courses since 1999, that are designed for all implantologists – right from the beginners who are looking to work on patients to those practicing implantologist who want to take their dental implant practice to the next level. If you are looking to develop your Dental Implantology skills, get in touch. I will help you through every step of your development, including face-to-face meet-ups.

Welcome to Dr Bharat Agravat Dental Implant and Digital Dentistry Training Programs. World class best dental education and training. Provides clinical and scientific knowledge to dentists via online and hands on learning. Guided Implant Surgery is the Guaranteed Way to Ensure Proper Implant Placement and Precision Results


  • Online live theory lectures
  • Hands-on training session video on models to help develop practical skills
  • Perform Live Surgery on your patient at your Clinic location, mentor will be provided* by Agravat Digital Dental Academy
  • Material like Implant, Surgical Guide provided by Agravat Digital Dental Academy
  • Lectures by leading expert Implantologist Dr Bharat Agravat
  • Ongoing Mentoring supports by Phone and WhatsApp.
  • Patient Marketing Guidenance
Avril Dexter from London UK Video Review Lary Hunt from Florida USA Video Review


  • Implant case identification
  • Analyzing CBCT
  • Creating a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
  • Guided Surgical Implant & kit – parts and components
  • Implant placement using computer guided surgical guides
  • Placing The Abutment and Temporary PMMA CrownBridge (prosthetic)
  • After 3 month Placing The Permanent Crown/Bridge (prosthetic)


Online Course Fee – 5500/- INR. Including…

  • Online Lecture
  • Hands on training on dummy models by Video
  • how to Place of implant using 3D printed guide will be taught and immediate provisional demonstration using a digital protocol
  • Observe live patient surgery video

Single Tooth Fully Guided Live Surgery Perform on your own patient at your Clinic – 20000/- INR Including…

  • Free Online Consultation Provide
  • Free Diagnosis & Treatment Plan base on CBCT data provided by you
  • One Implant, One Abutment and Surgical Kit provided by us
  • Expert/Mentor will be provided at your location* (Clinical training is complimentary by Agravat Digital Dental Academy)

For those who are already active in dental implantology, there are surgical courses to gain the skills to tackle a wider range of cases to help you treat more patients and grow your business.